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How to refine and evolve your business school brand positioning

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Until recently, business schools all spoke in the same way and said the same things. Then the penny dropped. To get noticed, they needed to express their personality. They did that by positioning their brands. Logos, tone of voice guidelines and graphics changed to communicate what makes schools and the learning experiences they offer unique…. Read more »

DEI – your essential inclusive language guide

How to use language to foster a stronger, happier, more productive team. The language we use has a strong influence on how inclusive members of a team feel, and that’s a big part of what DEI is all about. Here’s your quick-start guide to using language that’s appropriate and inclusive. What’s DEI? Diversity, Equity, and… Read more »

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Discover how to make your brochure irresistible to future students with expert insight from one of the world’s leading creative agencies for business schools. Join SIM7’s Creative Director for a free, exclusive webinar. We’ll share insider tips and strategies drawn from our extensive research and experience. Learn: The psychology behind an effective brochure When to… Read more »

How to make complicated points in a simple way


Samsung’s latest phone is one of the most complex pieces of handheld technology ever created, but they sell it with the line: ‘Take photos in the dark’. Here’s why (and how). It’s not uncommon for marketing directors to receive pressure from their boards and sales teams to overload their messaging with information. But the smart… Read more »

Your cheat sheet for designing accessibly


When making your content accessible for everyone, it can be challenging to pinpoint what exactly needs adapting… That’s why we’ve put together all of the most important bits you need to know and act on when it comes to your website design. Disabilities, age, different user preferences or different cultures and countries are all accessibility… Read more »

Best in class: business school marketing and the subtle art of showing off


As a marketer, you’ll want to highlight your business school’s accreditations and rankings, but how do you do that without being too blatant, or worse, boring? In business school marketing, there’s a fine line between bragging and making sure your audience is aware of your well-earned credentials. Slapping a list of awards or a couple… Read more »

Mind the trap: how to avoid greenwashing by accident


When does talking about your company’s commitment to sustainability cross the line? Could you be called out for sharing good news in good faith?   If your company is making a positive contribution to the planet, you’ll want to shout about it. But, as HSBC found out when they were pulled up by the Advertising… Read more »

Can graphic design save the world?

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It seems that right now, graphic design is helping to shape social, environmental and cultural change. So does it follow that designers are better equipped than many other professions when it comes to offering solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our planet? Can shape, line, colour and space really change the world?… Read more »

When branding misses the mark – 7 mistakes to avoid


Branding sounds easy. But it takes dedication, thoughtful planning, expertise and a LOT of time to create a brand that cuts through the noise and tells the story of your business. The work of branding is constant. When it’s done right, it should permeate through your socials, customer experience, internal comms, tone of voice, website… Read more »

Brand purpose positioning: what it is and why you need it

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Mindful business practices are the future of successful brands, but conveying your commitment takes skill if it’s going to be accepted as authentic. Here are the key points to consider. Considering today’s social, environmental and economic climate, consumers expect brands to positively impact the world in which they’re trading, rather than ‘profiting from creating problems… Read more »