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DEI – your essential inclusive language guide

How to use language to foster a stronger, happier, more productive team. The language we use has a strong influence on how inclusive members of a team feel, and that’s a big part of what DEI is all about. Here’s your quick-start guide to using language that’s appropriate and inclusive. What’s DEI? Diversity, Equity, and… Read more »

Sign up to our webinar

Discover how to make your brochure irresistible to future students with expert insight from one of the world’s leading creative agencies for business schools. Join SIM7’s Creative Director for a free, exclusive webinar. We’ll share insider tips and strategies drawn from our extensive research and experience. Learn: The psychology behind an effective brochure When to… Read more »

How to make complicated points in a simple way


Samsung’s latest phone is one of the most complex pieces of handheld technology ever created, but they sell it with the line: ‘Take photos in the dark’. Here’s why (and how). It’s not uncommon for marketing directors to receive pressure from their boards and sales teams to overload their messaging with information. But the smart… Read more »

Your cheat sheet for designing accessibly


When making your content accessible for everyone, it can be challenging to pinpoint what exactly needs adapting… That’s why we’ve put together all of the most important bits you need to know and act on when it comes to your website design. Disabilities, age, different user preferences or different cultures and countries are all accessibility… Read more »

10 lovely pieces of design and marketing to come out of 2020

  It’s not been a great year in plenty of ways, but it’s certainly not been a write-off when it comes to design and marketing. Here’s our roundup of this year’s very best examples of commercial creativity. Cadbury rebrand Featuring a revised wordmark, typography and ‘glass and a half’ logo, this is an updated brand… Read more »

Social media and the subtle art of showing off

How often is too often and when is posting boasting? A user guide to getting creative on social media. All but the most sociopathic business owners or marketing directors will sometimes want to chew their knuckles with embarrassment at some of the things they have to put out on social media. The shameless plugs. The… Read more »

Make MTD your time to shine

  It’s rare that such an opportunity comes along. Accounting firms looking to increase their client base are being given an unprecedented incentive in the form of the UK’s digital taxation revolution – according to Sage, 38% of accountants believe that MTD will help them acquire new clients. It follows that the firms that market… Read more »

Creating a financially-focussed personal brand

A couple of months ago, we began working with Della Hudson, a Bristol-based businesswoman who had just sold her successful accountancy firm – Hudson Accountants – and was looking to create a personal brand for her new business. The process began with a series of exploratory meetings with Della in which we discussed what her… Read more »

When copywriting needs to take a reality check

Business owners need copy that doesn’t just talk the talk… Words: Simeon de la Torre, owner of SIM7 On The Apprentice, there’s usually an episode where the candidates produce an ad or a piece of marketing. They’ll labour over something fluffy and creative, only for Sir Alan to throw it back in their faces because… Read more »