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Can graphic design save the world?

graphic design

It seems that right now, graphic design is helping to shape social, environmental and cultural change. So does it follow that designers are better equipped than many other professions when it comes to offering solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our planet? Can shape, line, colour and space really change the world?… Read more »

Humour in marketing is a serious business

humour in marketing

Consumers have got a lot of worldly worries the moment, so as a business, the smart move could be to add a touch of levity to your marketing. Here’s how to use humour to make valuable connections – without offending your audience or damaging your brand. Earlier this month, the train company Lumo launched a… Read more »

How can businesses recover post-pandemic? 

Now that we have certainty about the next steps for reopening, we wanted to find out what the outlook was likely to be like for businesses and what they should be doing now to make sure they emerge from this current situation in a stronger financial position. We spoke to two clients, both growth specialist… Read more »

Anatomy of a campaign: measuring success

Marketing campaign

Is a creative marketing campaign worth the time, effort and investment? There’s only one way to find out…   Just as a quick recap: in blog 1 we introduced the concept of a marketing campaign, and in blog 2 we looked at how to come up with some great ideas to ensure that your campaign… Read more »

Anatomy of a marketing campaign: execution

In our last blog, we revealed a lesser-explored secret: a focussed marketing campaign rocks hard (and can secure very healthy returns). So if your brain has been itching with intrigue ever since our Campaign Against Quiet Months, join us as we explain exactly how to make the magic happen. It’s all in the planning As… Read more »

Anatomy of a marketing campaign: strategy

Want to reinvigorate your inbound enquiries? Here’s part one of our essential guide to mounting a marketing campaign that will turn your fortunes around. Do a quick Google for the most popular marketing campaigns and you’ll likely remind yourself of some forgotten favourites. How about Always with their image-impacting campaign #likeagirl? Or Greggs with their… Read more »

Struggling to stand out? Sharpen your creative edge

  Businesses don’t need to be as innovative as Apple to succeed, they just need to outgun the competition. There’s an old joke about two men in the woods who stumble upon a very angry looking bear. Gingerly, one of the men reaches into his backpack and slowly replaces the boots he’d been wearing with… Read more »

OK, Google: how do I make my site voice search ready?

Voice search SEO

  With over 50% of web searches set to be initiated by voice this year, most businesses will need to optimise their websites to avoid losing out on precious leads. Thankfully, just a tweak or two is all it takes… If you’ve tested your phone or smart speaker with a phrase that isn’t related to… Read more »

Empower your business with the language of politics

political copywriting

  Embrace the proven messaging strategies behind all the hot air with creative copywriting. Words: Simeon de la Torre, owner of SIM7 No matter which way you lean on the subject, you can’t have helped but notice that Boris Johnson uses the phrase ‘Get Brexit Done’ a lot. It’s used in a structured context as… Read more »

This is why your marketing isn’t hitting the mark

Copywriting illustration

  If your marketing isn’t really doing the business for your business, it’s likely to be down to one critical factor… In a recent issue of Campaign magazine, Trevor Robinson OBE discussed judging this year’s Cannes Lions brand communications awards. The judges were ‘horrified’ by some of the copywriting they saw and frankly, we’re not… Read more »