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Mind the trap: how to avoid greenwashing by accident


When does talking about your company’s commitment to sustainability cross the line? Could you be called out for sharing good news in good faith?   If your company is making a positive contribution to the planet, you’ll want to shout about it. But, as HSBC found out when they were pulled up by the Advertising… Read more »

Brand purpose positioning: what it is and why you need it

purpose positioning

Mindful business practices are the future of successful brands, but conveying your commitment takes skill if it’s going to be accepted as authentic. Here are the key points to consider. Considering today’s social, environmental and economic climate, consumers expect brands to positively impact the world in which they’re trading, rather than ‘profiting from creating problems… Read more »

What it means to be an ethical business

ethical marketing

Ethical consumer spending in the UK has grown dramatically. But could you claim that your company is trading ethically in your marketing? Here’s the lowdown. Put simply, ethical businesses apply decent values to their everyday business practices. It’s about moral duty, contribution and obligation, and it covers everything from the behaviour of individuals through to… Read more »

Is your business more sustainable than you think?

Sustainability and ESG is not just about the environment. It’s about equality, community, governance and much more. But are you aware of the valuable progress you may already be making? We’ve collated a list of 12 ‘quick wins’ that count when it comes to assessing your impact.   How extensive is your recycling? 1/4 of… Read more »

How to share your sustainability story

As a business, sustainability and ESG will be on your agenda. You’ll of course publish reports and perhaps even create brochures dedicated to your policies and progress. But are you sharing your story as effectively and creatively as possible? And how else can you tell the world about your valuable efforts without taking the life out of it?   As we all know,… Read more »