Our new graphic designer will “keep us well fuelled with creativity…”

Meet James Bennett, he’s our new graphic designer. If you’re unsure what that involves, read on…

SIM7 is a growing creative agency and James is here to keep our image fresh as well as take care of our lovely clients. In a nutshell? It’s his job to help everyone look their best.

About James

While studying architecture at Reading University, James felt inspired to take on design projects outside of the curriculum. In creating posters for events and exhibitions around campus he discovered he really had a knack for visual communications and wanted to pursue it full time.

“I can’t wait to get started,” says James: “Thanks to my freelance design experience I know what it means to work to the needs of the client. Plus, I wouldn’t say I have a signature style, which is massively helpful when designing to a brief and allows me to explore a variety of design types. I’m really looking forward to developing my techniques here at SIM7 and getting involved in collaborative projects, both in-house and for our clients.”

James’ role will include designing marketing and campaign assets for SIM7 and helping our valued clients to develop their branding style.

Creative director Simeon de la Torre says: “As our new graphic designer, James will be taking up a main role in the agency – using his inventive ideas to create really effective work. Animation, branding and expanding our social media output is just the tip of the iceberg. He’ll work alongside all members of the team, particularly our new copywriter Eliza, to keep us well fuelled with creativity and a bit of energy.”

James’ Cultural CV

“I’m really inspired by Aaron James Draplin’s work, his methodology has been super influential to my own approach to graphic design. I especially connect with his ethos that great design makes all the difference; it can make a brand look even better and more considered than a major label.”

If you’d like to connect with James, head over to LinkedIn or follow our company page.