Make MTD your time to shine


It’s rare that such an opportunity comes along. Accounting firms looking to increase their client base are being given an unprecedented incentive in the form of the UK’s digital taxation revolution – according to Sage, 38% of accountants believe that MTD will help them acquire new clients.

It follows that the firms that market themselves most effectively are going to be first in line for the influx of new business.

Seize the opportunity

There’s no doubt that Making Tax Digital will transform how countless companies, sole traders and partnerships administer their accounts. And while the owners of these enterprises will have traditionally been reluctant to switch accountants due to the perceived hassle involved, the imminent changes will send many out into the open market once more.

They’ll be looking for up-to-speed experts who they can trust to support their transition into this new digital age.

And we can help make sure that they come to you first.

 How can you attract these potential clients?

Talk to them; engage with them; reassure them. Help business owners to understand your expertise and how you can make the whole process easier for them. Start the conversations that will lead to business conversions.

This is where we can help

We can create a targeted marketing campaign that secures the returns you’re looking for.

At SIM7, we’re a team of marketing and creative experts with years of experience working with professional services companies. We’ll help you define what your unique proposition and strengths are, and then we’ll make sure that your message gets noticed by the people that count.

For example, we might recommend a company animation that outlines your approach to MTD and reassures potential clients that they’re in safe hands. Alternatively, a hard-hitting social media campaign could be the best option for you – or even an imaginative and well-crafted letter that finds it way on to the desks of your target market.

What works for you will be different to what works for others, but rest assured we know how to find the right angle; the one that will appeal to potential clients and put your accounting firm centre stage.

Now is the time for action

As you’ll be well aware, MTD begins on 1 April (with more to follow), which means that your marketing campaign should be all set and ready to launch well in advance if it is to have any impact. Factor in time to create, approve and distribute and… right now is when you should be talking to us.

So why not take the first step? Get in touch with Clare, our MTD Campaigns Coordinator at for a no-obligation conversation. Make MTD your time to shine.