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At the heart of SIM7 is a tight team of directors who work across every project (and in each other’s pockets). We know all our clients well and have worked with most of them for many years.

The same can be said of our team of 27 specialists that we hand-pick for each project. It’s a versatile approach that ensures garden-fresh creative every time.

Social or digital, branding or advertising, print or packaging; with us, there’s no house style, no ‘rinse and repeat’. The only common denominator is the quality of our copy.

The messaging
makes it

We’ve made it our business to supercharge our clients’ creative output with language that elevates, motivates and inspires. Our skills have been honed in national newsrooms, international design studios and a couple of election campaign HQs, and we know that compelling copy is where the action is.

It’s how we’ll attract your audience and engage with them. And it’s how we’ll provide you with the commercial results you’re looking for.

The messaging
makes it

Sim de la Torre | SIM7 Sim

Before founding SIM7, Simeon de la Torre was a creative copywriter with 20 years’ experience of working for national and international brands and agencies. A former journalist, he helped shape the men’s magazine phenomenon of the early 2000s and his by-lines have appeared in more than 30 of the world’s biggest magazines, newspapers and websites. Our Creative Director was also once a scriptwriter for a (terrible) daytime TV programme.
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Clare de la Torre | SIM7 Clare

Clare de la Torre runs a tight ship and keeps an eye on all the important stuff: quality, deadlines, people and progression. Clare has been a partner in the business since 1999 and is responsible for looking after our key accounts, as well as identifying opportunities for us to build our business and improve the way we do things.
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Henry John | SIM7 Henry

Our Director of Partnerships is Henry John. He’s responsible for creating and nurturing the business partnerships that fuel our agency and get us all excited about coming to work in the morning. He has 25 years of experience across the creative, publishing and technology sectors, and has helped to bring many award-winning and internationally-respected projects to life.
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So. Feeling good about what you’ve seen so far? Want to see some relevant work and get a bit more detail? Of course!