A clear, consistent tone of voice can make a good business school brand great. And it’s what we do best.

Attract attention, demonstrate your culture and develop meaningful conversations.
Business school specialists

We’ve created brand voices for many of the world’s best business schools and know the nuances of the sector – language that connects with young MBA audiences will not necessarily engage with C-Suite executives.

So we specialise in creating program-specific guidance that aligns with the master brand, to create a consistent yet flexible tone of voice. We’ll also consider your wider audiences – from podcasts to PR to social media, and from internal communications to annual reports.

A trusted agency

A British creative agency with over 10 years’ business school experience, we work in partnership with marketing teams worldwide. Our copywriters and brand strategists craft work that builds audiences, generates engagement and accelerates change.

We’ll create a brand voice of distinction to help you tell your story in new, compelling ways.

Usable guides for ultimate consistency

Having created brand voices for brands across every sector, we’re here to help you convey your tone across every asset. With ease, for every writer. So as well as delivering a strategic document that can sit alongside your existing brand guidelines, we’ll provide you snapshot guides that are perfect for a quick refresher. As well as plenty of working examples of your new brand voice in action.