Author: Simeon de la Torre

How to refine and evolve your business school brand positioning

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Until recently, business schools all spoke in the same way and said the same things. Then the penny dropped. To get noticed, they needed to express their personality. They did that by positioning their brands. Logos, tone of voice guidelines and graphics changed to communicate what makes schools and the learning experiences they offer unique…. Read more »

Midweight designer wanted!

Join our team as a Midweight Graphic Designer! Are you a talented and imaginative designer looking to join a close-knit team, working on international brands and creative projects? Lovely. Have you got a thing for typography and for design that puts messaging centre stage? That’s a bonus. We’re on the lookout for a creative who… Read more »

DEI – your essential inclusive language guide

How to use language to foster a stronger, happier, more productive team. The language we use has a strong influence on how inclusive members of a team feel, and that’s a big part of what DEI is all about. Here’s your quick-start guide to using language that’s appropriate and inclusive. What’s DEI? Diversity, Equity, and… Read more »

“Our store was in the wrong place”

Serial entrepreneur Yaron Kopel has learned the value of a good location and applies it to his international off-site meeting-room company. Accomplished Israeli businessman Yaron Kopel has worked in the shoe business, the drinks business and, today, the meeting-room business. He’s currently steering the rapid global expansion of his Meet in Place brand and this… Read more »

“I had to beg for help”

When entrepreneur Peter Erlandsson and his partner bought a shelving and storage company, they didn’t expect so many knock-backs. When Peter Erlandsson and his business partner took over String Furniture in 2005, it was a company in administration and a brand that was a shadow of its former self. While they weren’t expecting an easy… Read more »

Sign up to our webinar

Discover how to make your brochure irresistible to future students with expert insight from one of the world’s leading creative agencies for business schools. Join SIM7’s Creative Director for a free, exclusive webinar. We’ll share insider tips and strategies drawn from our extensive research and experience. Learn: The psychology behind an effective brochure When to… Read more »

“There have been bumps in the road”

Just because something works in one restaurant doesn’t mean it will work in another, says Spanish restaurateur, author and entrepreneur José Pizarro. Having walked away from a promising career in Spain, José Pizarro turned up in London not speaking a word of English, but with a burning desire to make it as a chef. He… Read more »

“Creativity was no longer the priority”

Designer Matthew Williamson chose to pull back from his fashion label when the business side took precedence over the artistic. As a celebrated fashion designer, Matthew Williamson employed 50 staff and split his time between Italy, the UK and the USA. But as the company grew, he struggled with the business demands. Now, he’s reinvented… Read more »

How to make complicated points in a simple way


Samsung’s latest phone is one of the most complex pieces of handheld technology ever created, but they sell it with the line: ‘Take photos in the dark’. Here’s why (and how). It’s not uncommon for marketing directors to receive pressure from their boards and sales teams to overload their messaging with information. But the smart… Read more »

“I followed my heart, not my head”

When the recession hit, just hanging in there was the only option for TMP The Mortgage People’s Owner and CEO, Kelly McCabe. Happily, it paid off. As the boss of a UK-based mortgage brokerage, Kelly McCabe knows that targeting high net-worth individuals is where the easy money lies. She chose, however, to help people who… Read more »