‘The craft of copywriting’

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Meet the creative and canny wordsmith Oli James-Allen. He’s joining the team to keep our clients’ copy on-point.

With the SIM7 agency continuing to move on up and a whole lot of exciting projects on the board, Oli’s joining the team to crack the whip on our clients’ copy. From concepting and strategy to Direct Mail, websites and brochures, Oli has a way with words that’ll be just the ticket.

“With the variety of clients here at SIM7, I’m happy to be putting on a different cap as and when to ensure their copy stays on-brand and on-message,” says Oli.

About Oli

With five years’ professional experience, Oli’s first foray into copywriting was sparked by his passion for journaling. “After studying Culture, History and Literature at Brighton University, I didn’t really know what to do for work, it was around that time that I decided to start keeping a diary,” Oli says, “I realised that I actually really enjoyed writing and set about finding a job that would pay me to do so.”

Upon researching, Oli discovered some career opportunities in journalism and ended up applying to study an MA in the same, “I got accepted but got cold feet,” he says, “then I found out about copywriting, pursued that instead – and here we are.

“One of the things that appeals to me most about copywriting is the craft of it,” Oli continues, “For example, I’ve worked for some let’s just say uninspiring clients before and I’m so interested by taking something ‘uninteresting’ and, through a knack with words, making them sound really exciting. I think that’s a fantastic challenge.”

All about teamwork

From working for a small-scale marketing agency to writing for a travel magazine, Oli has a bunch of creative projects under his belt. Not to mention a couple of valuable qualifications, “While freelancing, I took a copywriting course and a creative writing course to top-up my writing toolbox,” Oli says, “But I missed working collaboratively.

“That’s something I’m really looking forward to here at SIM7: working with other creative people. I have worked collaboratively before, but we were all copywriters so it’ll be a really nice change of pace to work with designers and the like too.”

Our tone of voice guardian

In welcoming Oli to the company, Creative Director Simeon de la Torre says, “Oli has a way with words and can turn his hand to any brand or tone of voice. In fact, Oli will be acting as our tone of voice guardian for our clients’ brands and can spot an errant turn of phrase at 50 paces. We’re chuffed to have him on board.”

“I’m keen to get to know all the clients,” Oli says, “The variety in the role is something that really appeals to me. Not to mention the energy of being back in an agency environment, I’m delighted to be part of the team.”

If you’d like to connect with Oli head over to LinkedIn or follow our company page.