Working in partnership with Business Schools

A specialist creative agency for higher education

Our clients’ challenges

We began working with international Business Schools well over a decade ago, at a time when – as in many sectors – brochures and websites drove the marketing machine. But as target markets became more digitally and socially aware, it became apparent that there were opportunities to boost awareness, engagement and ultimately, enrolment, far more effectively than ever before.

Our approach

From branding to brochures and from podcasts to content campaigns, everything we design is supercharged with winning words that drive change.

It’s how we’ll attract your audience and engage with potential participants. And it’s how we’ll provide you with the enrolments you’re looking for.

That’s why business schools such as IESE, HEC, WHU, CBS and many more ask us to create their brands, creative campaigns and messaging strategies.
SIM7 never fail to deliver inspiring content and creative. Their strength in messaging allows us to connect with prospective students and they understand how to get great angles out of our professors, alumni and participants.”
Diana Belea, Copenhagen Business School

As an international creative agency with over 10 years’ experience. Our insight can provide you with fresh marketing angles and tell your story in new, compelling ways. We’re happy to deliver one-off campaigns, but there’s nothing we love better than creating longstanding partnerships with marketing teams.

Looking to increase awareness, engagement or conversions? We use techniques such as storytelling, heuristics and psyops to create business school brands and campaigns that hit harder.

Our partnership with business schools

130creative projects
8international markets

The results we delivered

The brands and campaigns we've delivered have increased awarness, boost enrolments, launched new programmes AND one of our campaigns is even in the runnings for a national design award.

It's our mission to help our clients connect with their audiences in a saturated market through enhanced messaging strategies.

Ultimately, we're proud to be a trusted partner for business schools worldwide.